An Enjoyable Artisans Training Experience

An Enjoyable Artisans Training Experience

I was delighted to be among those selected to attend a 3 day Artisans Training session in Nairobi.

This training, whose emphasis was on Export Strategy and Market Readiness, was made possible by ITC She Trades and UKAID in collaboration with Ubunifu Kenya Association on 10th to 12 April 2019.

Ubunifu Kenya Association was formed in 2016 by a group of small and micro entrepreneurs who came together to network and boost the performance of their products locally and internationally.   Their mission is to produce and market high quality handmade products, create jobs and improve livelihoods for its members.

Artisans Get To Know One Another

There was excitement in the air on the first day of training as Artisans who specialize on textiles, leather products, apparel, home décor and Jewelry came in their numbers to register their presence in anticipation.  In a matter of minutes, the room was full and the first session of knowing one another went through.   One story to another was told about the different brands represented in the room.  One could write one chapter after another of interesting pages, as the introductions went on.  The enthusiasm from the participants was audibly visible.

Artisans Training

Artisans Training Display of Products

The first session, on branding by Ms. Phyllis Mwangi took off.  This was followed by sessions that opened up the creative minds to topics on networking, pricing, competition, prioritizing and team building among others.  Artisans were asked to bring in their creative products for display the following day.  The day ended rather quickly and before we knew it, we were in on our second day of training with Ms. Tara.

The second day was sensational as trainees were taken through intensive sessions on the power of knowledge, finance, marketing, understanding global markets, pricing, trade fairs, buyer appointments among others.

Artisans Training Displays

The creative Artisans displayed their products on this second day.  These were assessed and strengths and weakness pointed out for each sector of wares represented.  Artisans were then asked to make necessary improvements in order to stand out and be market ready for the world.

There was a lot of fun and food throughout the sessions as learning took place; in fact a couple of us had added weight by the end of the 3 days!

Indeed this was a memorable and enjoyable Artisan Training experience; one that I could call the best that I have had this year!

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