Happy New Year?

Happy New Year?

Happy New Year

Happy New Year?  Good question; how happy is this New Year?  What is so happy about it?

The beginning of a new year always brings with it faith, hope and envisions for good things lined up ahead in the coming months.  But then again, there are always two sides to a coin.  This year to some may not appear as happy, after all, maybe due to the fact that the last quarter of 2018 came with sad, grievous moments whose repercussions are still being felt in this New Year.   This may have been due to a job loss, a marriage separation or divorce, loss of a dear one or the failure to capture a big business opportunity.

What makes a year happy anyway?  Why call the year ‘happy’? What is happiness?

Happiness is an inner quality; a state of mind.  In Psychology, happiness is the label for a family of pleasant emotions such as joy, satisfaction, gratification, amusement, triumph or euphoria.   You may have all the riches in the world and all sorts of material things, but without peace of mind, you may not be happy.  Yet again, you could have immense peace of mind with nothing in your pockets and be a very happy person! Happiness is a feeling of contentment and fulfillment. The New Year is labeled ‘happy’ because of wishful thinking; hoping for the best in the coming 365 days of the year.

Is there a guarantee then, that when the year starts well it will end just as well?  Honestly speaking, there is no such guarantee, but there are certain things that one can do to ensure that the New Year remains ‘happy’ from January to December; your attitude plays a crucial role in this!

How To Ensure the New Year remains a Happy New Year

The following five steps will help you maintain a happy year;

            Seek to see the positive side of things

For instance; sorry your marriage broke up, but at least you get to be with your parents more often?  Yes, you failed to capture that big business opportunity, but at least you’ve learnt one or two things from that experience!  You are now officially unemployed, but at least you have more time to yourself and an opportunity to re-focus your strategy and start all over again.  Yes, you lost your dear loved one, but at least you are still alive and can find peace in knowing that they are resting in the Lords arms.

A positive outlook of things helps you develop a positive attitude in that, you focus more on the positive qualities in people around you thus ignoring their faults.  This creates a conducive atmosphere around you drawing people towards you, further enhancing great relationships and friendships.

When you deliberately see the positive side of things, you will be amazed at how happiness creeps into your life and before you know it the year is over and you can truly say it was happy.

            Respect everyone

As the saying goes, people respect you as much as you respect them.  If you are rough and mean towards everyone who comes your way, that’s exactly what you will get back in return from people.  Remember the adage, you reap what you sow?  Life has a way of giving back what has been put into it like a boomerang thrown out into the air.  Be careful with what you are throwing at people!  It doesn’t cost much to be nice and gentle with people, neither does it hurt you.

When you respect others, you gain a good reputation.  People get drawn to you and will willingly do you favors.  They will want to see you succeed and will go out of their way to support you.  This in turn opens doors of advancement for your career which means you begin to earn more money enabling you to meet your financial obligations with ease and bringing a sense of tranquility and peace which in the end results to you being happy!

            Be helpful to others

Research has proved that volunteers are usually a happy lot.  Why?  In their quest to help the ailing and less fortunate in the society, the ‘do good’ hormones in them are released, giving them a feeling of purpose and fulfillment.


Being helpful to others does not only mean volunteering; it also means taking a step to reconcile neighbors, siblings, colleagues and friends who are in disagreement.  An environment in which people are constantly fighting or not speaking to one another is not conducive as it robs you of your peace.  And where there is no peace, happiness cannot thrive.  The act of helping others also boosts your health and sense of well being.

           Be content

Today, everyone seems to be running around in a fast paced world trying to out-do each other in the bid to make ends meet.  It is like a rat race thus it’s very easy to find yourself living a lie in the midst of this quest.  Learn to be content with who you are and with the purpose for which you were born.

How do you get to know the purpose for which you were born?  Connect with your Maker!  Ask Him for what purpose He created you.  Seek through your inner self and reflect on these questions; what excites you?  What are you passionate about?  What is that thing you see around you that makes you want to make a difference?  If you remain true to yourself, you will find the purpose for which you were created.

And once you found your purpose in life, it won’t matter who is running alongside you in the rat race because everyone is running in their lane!  This will bring contentment, less stress and happiness as you are truly only competing against yourself to ensure you meet the mark for which you were designed to meet.  It’s a fact of life that we are all sojourners here on earth and one day, we will all be called upon to give an account of our accomplishments to our Maker.  Did you reach your mark?

           Learn to handle your emotions

The ability to recognize, label, understand and act upon your own as well as others emotions is known as Emotional Intelligence (EQ).  EQ basically means being aware of unpleasant feelings around us and giving ourselves time and space to alleviate these negative feelings or reactions from an emotionally charged state.  This enhances better outcomes on decisions we make.  We are not all born with high EQ but we can develop it with time through training our minds to acquire these mental and emotional skills. It has  Immense Benefits.  The ability to exercise EQ does not mean suppressing your emotions; however, it does mean expressing your emotions in a controlled manner even when people step on your toes.  Emotions are vital for our survival as human beings.  How we react to unpleasant circumstances in our lives determines our happiness.

Employers today seek employees with high EQ.  Why?  Times have changed!  In the past your IQ was what mattered the most to get a good job, it didn’t matter how you handled people; you only said a word as an office Manager or Administrator and it would be obeyed un questioned.  Today, however it doesn’t matter how high your IQ is; if your EQ is low, you may lose a chance to get a job.  How you relate with your co-workers, superiors and clients is high in the list alongside other qualifications!

A person with high EQ communicates better, is able to resolve conflicts with ease, is less stressed, empathizes with others, is great with relationships and overcomes life’s challenges well.  Who doesn’t want these qualities in their team of staff?

The five skills mentioned above may not be the only techniques used to ensure your year remains happy. However, these skills may be used as a starting point to achieving the kind of year you desire; one full of joy, love and happiness.

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