Pan African Christian Women Alliance EXPO 2018

Pan African Christian Women Alliance EXPO 2018

The Pan African Christian Women Alliance EXPO 2018 was held on 16th June 2018 at the ACK Cathedral Site, Voi – Kenya.

Pan African Christian Women Alliance is an interdenominational association that aims to empower women in matters pertaining to their family life, church and civil society through educational programs, business training, rights dissemination, evangelism and discipleship.  The Alliance is committed to raising awareness about gender based violence and works to ensure not only the well being of the victims but also the restoration of their dignity.  Pan African Christian Women Alliance (PACWA) aims to enable Christian women stand and defend biblical values of equality and justice.

The theme of the Pan African Christian Women Alliance EXPO 2018 was to “Empower Women in Small Micro Enterprises” through a training session as well as a session of display of their wares to attendants.

My Experience at the Pan African Christian Women Alliance EXPO 2018

There is something exciting about attending a function for the very first time.  This was the anxiety I was experiencing on 16th June 2018 as a participant in the Pan African Christian Women Alliance EXPO 2018 an expo geared towards empowering me as a woman in business.

There was anticipation in the air as the final touches were done on the podium as well as on the surrounding area where the business artifacts were being displayed.  One question that lingered in the minds of those making preparations was; would the attendants come in their good numbers?  It was still too early to tell what the attendance would be like!

Within half an hour, one could tell that PACWA Expo 2018 would be well attended as the venue was almost full with participants!

The event kicked off with opening remarks and a special message from Rev. Stephen Norman titled, ‘A Special Assignment for a Special Woman’ from Proverbs 31:10 -14.

He went on to explain that women are multi focused unlike men hence they should strive to add value to their businesses by being creative.  A noble woman is hardworking thus she gives herself noble assignments that add value to her family.  He summarized the word Mother giving it the following acronym;

M – Monitors her homes activities and manages them well

O – Organizes the home putting everything in its place

T – Teaches both her children and husband on matters life

H – Honest in the home front as well as with finances

E – Example to those around her

R – Remembered for her good works, leaves a legacy

An introduction of Pan African Christian Women Alliance was then made together with their officials and patrons.

Pan African Christian Women Alliance Expo 2018: The Pot is Full

The main speaker of the event and founder of PACWA-Voi Chapter, Linet Mavu, then gave us a word titled; ‘The Pot is Full’ from Mathew 25: 14.  She pointed out that everyone is given talents according to their ability-some 5, 2 or 1.  Your pot is full of talents even if it is only one.

A talent is a gift, facility, technique, ability, knowledge, power, position or expertise.  It is not bought.  Your talent is not for yourself but for the master, your creator.  The same way a mango tree does not eat its own fruit is the same way you ought to use your talent to serve others.  Others should eat from your talent; the fruits of your talent.  Our creator will come back demanding to see what you did with the talent He deposited in you as it happened in the story of Mathew 25:14 – If you are found faithful in the talent given to you, more will be added unto you.  If you burry it and refuse to use it to serve others, it will be taken from you and given to someone else who will make use of it.  If you don’t do it (make use of it or fulfill the purpose it was given you), someone else will be appointed to do it.

There are examples of four women who were willing to use what was deposited in them thus they made impact and are remembered to this day.  These are;

Ruth; worked hard in the fields with her hands and found herself a husband in the process,

Abigail; Sent herself to rectify an error made by her husband and King David noticed her and she became his wife.

Deborah; A judge and Prophetess.  She was a reader and a politician.  She went to war and stood firm for what she believed in.  You have a choice not to do dirty politics, choose to stay straight!

Esther; An orphan who became queen.  She saved her people from being killed.  She was a politician.

According to Esc. 9:11, time and chance happens to us all.  What is your time and what is your chance?  We need to be fruitful or else we risk being chopped off the tree!

Pan African Christian Women Alliance Expo 2018 Exhibitors

The Pan African Christian Women Alliance EXPO 2018 had a place set aside for exhibitors. Among the exhibitors who gave us tips on how to improve our businesses thus learning from their successes and errors were Kwetu Sacco-Mr. Nyambu, Pricilla Mwangeka-a seasoned politician and former Mayor of Voi town who came second in the 2017 Women Rep contest, Mrs. Nyambu- member of Hatua Women Group, Mercy Mwaluma- an astute entrepreneur, Mrs. Msafiri-a budding musician, and Beatrice a Sales Executive from NHIF.

I must say a lot was learnt from the Pan African Christian Women Alliance EXPO 2018.  The message simple and clear as can be; we need to be fruitful.  People are waiting to eat from you; a tree cannot eat its own fruit!  Produce good fruit through serving others that they may eat from you…

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