Cost of Volunteering


Cost of Volunteering

By D Nyambu

It is important to consider the cost of volunteering before venturing into a volunteering experience.  One needs to ask one self and get answers to questions like; what will it cost me to volunteer?  For how long will my volunteering experience last?  Where am I going?  What kind of concessions are available in other programs and how can I select the best suited for my pocket?

Is Considering the Cost of Volunteering Necessary?

Various volunteering programs offer different packages for volunteering.  These packages have varied costs depending on choice of volunteering destination made.

Other considerations such as place of destination, accommodation, meals and activities to engage in are all important because they cost money.  For instance the fact that commuting to and from the place of volunteering is not free means one needs to consider how much this transport cost is and plan accordingly.

What should you put into consideration while planning to volunteer abroad or within your country?

  • Do a self search to determine where you want to volunteer. Is it in Africa, India, South America or within your country of residence?
  • Research on the most cost effective program that suits your pocket as well as you as an individual. Get sufficient information on How You Can Participate in a Volunteering Program.
  • Find out what is needed to volunteer whether abroad or within the country.  To answer this you need to ask yourself; what varieties of program costs of volunteering abroad or within the country are available?  What are the costs of flight in line with your choice of destination?  Do you need a passport?  Is travel Insurance required?
  • If you happen not to have a passport and it is required then you need to find out how long the process takes to acquire one and its related costs. Does the time to obtain a passport match with the volunteering program schedule?
  • Do you need a visa in the volunteering place of destination? How much does it cost?
  • Do you need vaccinations? What is the cost?
  • How long do you intend to stay? Do you have sufficient spending money or will you need to seek funding from friends, family, the community around you or Volunteer Grants before departure?
  • Does the desired volunteering program have provision for accommodation? Is there a cost attached to it?
  • Does the program come with orientation or Volunteering Training that equips and prepares you before your departure?

Cost of Volunteering is Valuable

There are many organizations that need staff, new fundraising approaches and yet are overworked hence they are always on the look-out for volunteers who are willing and ready to use their knowledge, skills and abilities to assist them.  The Benefits of Volunteering for you as an individual are numerous.

But you also need to proof to the organization that you are a valuable asset that will bring in fresh long lasting ideas that will sustain it.

The cost of volunteering cannot be underestimated.   The value of Volunteer Time in 2015 was estimated to be $23.56 per hour!  The cost of volunteering is valuable…it is the one thing that drives big economies round!

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