Start of a New Year

Start of a New Year

By D Nyambu

Hope, exhilaration and a sense of a new breath of air usually marks the start of a new year.  Isn’t it interesting how life has a way of renewing itself every so often?  If it’s not the start of a new year every cycle of 12 months, it’s the start of a new month, a new week or even a new day!  Remember the fresh start of a new day?  The clean breath of air, with the birds chirping in the early dawn not forgetting the early morning dew that adds to the sparkling new day…It is magical just thinking of it!

Start of a New Year

















This same thrill comes along with the start of a new year…anticipation of good things ahead.  Yet, no doubt, every year has its own challenges, milestones and big wins!  There are no new years that are ever the same.  New Year 2016 is gone forever, never to return again…

We start a new chapter today…we start a new year.

How can you ensure that it really becomes the start of a new year?

  • Start by removing the seasonal Christmas decorations. If you leave them on for too long, you won’t really sense the brand new start of a new year!


  • Clean up, remove stains and dust off your house or work area especially so in neglected places such as the walls, cupboards and wall units. Familiarity may blog one’s mind resulting in a lull that causes disinterest in the start of a new year.


  • Rearrange your kitchen, living room or make an addition to your bathrooms to spruce them up! This will bring a new perceptive to how you have been viewing these rooms over the past months thus comes inspiration and excitement to a brand new year.


  • Reflect on last year’s goals and think about what worked, what did not work, what were the reasons and how can you do them differently? People have celebrated New Years for centuries in the past and if this is the first time you are embarking and taking this start seriously, don’t worry…there is always a first time to everything.


  • Set new goals at the start of the New Year and determine to follow them through rewarding yourself with positive attributes as you achieve one milestone after another.


  • Celebrate the start of a new year with friends and family, dress up in something new, have a new hair-do or do something different from your normal dress code.  And just relax and have fun!!

The above activities are just a few ways you can spearhead the excitement of the start of a new year, but they are not limited.

You can think and come up with numerous ways to give your home a fresh look that inspires you to the start of a New Year mood ready to face new challenges and opportunities out there!

I take this opportunity to wish you a Happy Start of this New Year!


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