This Festive Season

This Festive Season

By D Nyambu

This Festive Season brings with it mixed feelings.  What with the hype of activities and deciding where to go, what not to do…it is only prudent in the midst of all this, to take a minute and think first before making any rash moves.

This Festive Season

This Festive Season

What to Think About This Festive Season

So what should be your line of thought this festive season as you join in in the hype of activities surrounding you?

Think about how much you are ready to spend

As you think about this keep in mind that the New Year is coming and fees and bills will still need to be paid!

Where can you go for this festive season with how much you have?

Get a globe map and spin it around, where could what you have take you?  Is what you have capable of taking you round the world and back?  If not, come back and face reality!  Select a destination that fits the much you have at hand, even if that destination is right there in your surroundings with friends and family!

What activities will you engage in while at your destination?

You need to put in mind the activities that you will engage in while you are at the destination of your choice this festive season.  Is it surfing, horse riding or just plain cooking for friends and family?

Put a cost to it!

Besides every activity you want to engage in this festive season, put a cost to it.  How much will it cost to cook for friends and family, to surf, go skiing or take your family out for an outdoor activity?

Remain faithful to your list

Try and remain faithful to your list of costs, of course, having put in mind a flexible limit of up to how much you can stretch!  This will guarantee you a good relationship with your loved ones in line with their demands this festive season…

Have fun during this festive season!

Don’t be so uptight, relax and have fun…after all, the once New Year 2016 is now coming to an end.


If looking back you find that you did not achieve that which you had purposed to at the beginning of the year, there’s nothing much you can do in the few days remaining!  Take heart, a new year is coming where hopefully you can regain lost grounds having learnt from your mistakes and will be wiser in following your new or updated old plan.

Who Cares?  I Own a Gold Mine!

Maybe you are the kind of person who cares little about Your Spending.  You can use your money any way you want; anyhow… the money mine will never get exhausted any time soon!  So you are wondering what all this talk is about…  According to you, money should be spent and spent well especially during this festive season!

It is only prudent to note that, even a gold mine has its season of scarcity.  There are times while inside the gold mine there is no gold to dig out!  One has to dig deeper or slightly change course before they can find more gold.  For this reason, you are better off preparing yourself for the dry spell even if you are living in the abundance right now.  Besides that, it is always good to plan especially in festive seasons like this as it ensures continuity and sustainability of what you currently have for the future.

May this festive season be filled with much joy, love and happiness now and in the future!  Shalom!








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