Volunteering Abroad

Volunteering Abroad

If learning a new language, being in the midst of diverse cultures or seeing new places seems appealing, then volunteering abroad is for you.

Volunteering abroad provides a variety of opportunities to young and old.  Among the reasons why people opt to volunteer abroad include;

  • The need to visit new places.  This comes with the excitement of seeing places never imagined before, some of them with magical appeal and sceneries. This need is a good enough reason to volunteering abroad as it provides a perfect chance to see new places while making a difference in people’s lives.
  • Volunteering abroad helps break the monotony of being in one town, country or continent for a very long time thus a different routine brings in some fresh breath to life.
  • Studying also comes with opportunities to volunteer abroad as interns or international students.

Some Negative Perceptions to Volunteering Abroad and Overcoming Them

The reality of disease infested plights of Africa, Cambodia, India or any other country may deter many from taking the step to volunteer abroad.

The challenge of dealing with undeveloped infrastructure and a population that has little knowledge or care on environmental emissions and how to manage it may make one ask themselves ‘why go through all this trouble anyway?’

But the reason that is making you think twice about volunteering abroad is the very reason why you ought to go out there, create awareness, educate and if possible help set up policies that will help make the world a better place in that region.  Besides this, volunteering abroad gives you the opportunity to make new friends and networks that last a lifetime.

Fear of the unknown, being far from home and from loved ones could also be a real obstacle.  Volunteering abroad need not be a lonely affair; one could make the voyage with friends and family or make arrangements to meet with family living abroad!

Volunteering Abroad

Volunteering Abroad

Benefits of Voluteering Abroad

Benefits of volunteering abroad are many; maybe not as diverse as Benefits of Volunteering.

Among them are;

  • Learning a new language – while interacting with a new community in your volunteering experience, you pick a few new words from your host community.
  • Volunteering abroad enables you take part in meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals which include bridging the gap between the developed and developing nations.
  • A whole new worldview is opened up to you while volunteering abroad as you learn to appreciate the existence of diverse cultures and understand why people do things the way they do. This is truly transforming.
  • You learn how to give back to society in different and meaningful ways
  • Volunteering abroad comes with the opportunity to go through training programs that help you learn how to survive outside your comfort zone such as Omprakash Edge Training.

One thing is certain; Volunteering abroad can be very fulfilling especially if one approaches it with the desire to learn and enjoy the new escapades and experiences that come along with it!

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