How to Participate in a Volunteer-ship Program in Your Community

How to Participate in a Volunteer-ship Program

By G Wakesho

Ever wondered how to participate in a Volunteer-ship Program in your community?  There are quite a number of organizations that provide volunteer opportunities in different fields for people interested in making a difference in the society.  Most volunteers receive no payment for their services although there are quite a number of Benefits for Volunteering one of them being getting on the job experience in return for the good deed.  If you wish to participate as a volunteer in your community or society, how would you go about it?

Steps to take while considering participating in a Volunteer-ship Program

  • Evaluate Yourself – Start by doing a self-search within yourself in order to identify the type of organization you wish to volunteer in. Whether it’s an organization that deals in healthcare for instance, AMREF or one that deals in maintenance of peace e.g.  The United Nations.  After identifying the type of organization you would like to volunteer in, you could then ask yourself “what do I want to achieve?”  This will help you evaluate your main goal for joining the volunteer-ship program.  Would it be as a means to help better the society or a means to learn how to start your own business or volunteer-ship program or would it simply be a way of keeping yourself occupied during time off from school or work?  These questions help to keep every volunteer in perspective and enable him or her to know what he/she wants to achieve by the end of the volunteer program in question.
Participating in a Volunteer-ship Program

Participating in Community Volunteering

  • Research on the kinds of organizations that offer the services you wish to give – If one is interested in providing healthcare services, he/she could do a search on internet for organizations dealing in healthcare that offer volunteer-ship opportunities. That way one gets first-hand information from the organization through their websites on the specific requirements for one to be a volunteer in the preferred organizations.  This also gives the volunteer an opportunity to compare different organizations in their preferred field of volunteer work hence enabling the volunteer to make an informed decision when applying for a volunteering opportunity.
  • Checkout the Requirements – Once you have found an organization that offers your preferred skill; have a look at the requirements to volunteer in the organization.  Each organization in each field has different requirements, thus be sure to have a look at them before applying so as not to be caught off-guard.  For example, The United Nations requires its volunteer applicants, UN Volunteers, to be 25 years of age before applying; he/she must be familiar with at least one of the United Nation languages i.e. French, English or Spanish and should have relevant experience in the field they want to participate in. An organization such as AMREF on the other hand simply requires you to submit an application to its HR Office and specify why you have chosen their organization as your preferred choice.  Omprakash is a US based organization that connects volunteers with organizations in need of volunteers.  They train would be volunteers on how to successfully volunteer outside their area of residence through their Edge Program.
  • Apply – Once you have gone through all the application requirements and have qualified to join the organization, all you have to do is submit your application to the relevant bodies and await your acceptance. After being accepted, sit back, relax and wait to be called to go on assignment.

Enjoy Yourself as you Participate in a Volunteer-ship Program!


Have Fun Volunteering

Your joy while volunteering will reflect in the way you go about your assignment.  Smile and enjoy yourself!

Remember to have fun as you participate in the volunteer-ship program, after all, you only live once!


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