What are the Benefits of Volunteering?

What are the Benefits of Volunteering?

By D Nyambu

Are there really any benefits of volunteering?  What are they?  Hard as this may sound, volunteering has benefits for the volunteer!

It is not easy to give your time, energy and even money to the less fortunate in society for no pay at all.  Yet day in day out thousands of people from all over the world give themselves to charity work.  Why do they do it?  What is in it for them?

Well, here’s some insight as to what is in it for them…

For one, volunteers get to learn a new skill while volunteering, something they wouldn’t do while sitting idle at home!  What exactly does it mean to volunteer?  What is Volunteering?  This is the giving of one’s time, skills and energy towards a certain course without getting paid.  While volunteering, one can add new skills acquisition to their CV as on the job experience.  Imagine learning how to create a Podcast for advocacy purposes or how to create and install bio energy for community members?  These are skills that could even be used to create self employment, and yet you did not really pay to learn them except maybe with your energy and time, which was at your disposal!

Benefits of Volunteering

Benefits of Volunteering; The Sky is the Limit!

Secondly, volunteering offers the opportunity to explore with your career path thus exposing you to growth in your livelihood through networking and professional connections.  Research has shown that 94% of employees get their first jobs due to the hands on experience they obtained while volunteering.  New graduates get an opportunity to test their careers through a Volunteership Program.

Another interesting thing is, volunteering makes one happy!  The mere fact that you are helping others or giving back to the community results in the production of ‘feel good hormones’ from the brain which just makes you happy!  And the more you give, the happier you become…imagine that!

Volunteering not only helps you build networks but also enables you make new friends and relationships.  For this reason, it helps keep depression at bay as well as anger, anxiety and stress levels that come with being idle.

Those who volunteer outside their country or area of residence get to travel a lot and see new places.  This increases one’s perception of life as you get to see people of diverse background, language and culture.

As mentioned above, there are numerous benefits of volunteering. Volunteering not only helps transform thousands of lives for those who receive the service but it also aids in increasing the value of human capital especially so for those who are unemployed.

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