Self Leadership Lifeskills for Growth and Innovation

Self Leadership Lifeskills for Growth and Innovation

By D Nyambu

Self leadership as a life skill of growth and innovation is the act of influencing and motivating oneself by developing  

Self Leadership Lifeskills for Growth and Innovation

personal leadership strategies to constantly deliver enormous desired results. In recent times, work has undergone a paradigm shift in that it has become more flexible and information based as opposed to its previous rigidly definition.        

The traditional leadership style that emphasized on strict administrative instructions and control is slowly being replaced by self leadership concept of self management as expanded by Manz (1983).

Manz emphasized that self leadership is the process of originating voluntary efforts and contribution to an organization in the personal level of the organization unlike a leaders influence.

Self leadership is all about self observation and management and it has an impact in all aspects of our lives including health, career and relationships.

Simply stated, self leadership is exerting influence on yourself to achieve your objectives.  A good leader is one who has embraced and mastered the art of self leadership skills first before he can lead others.

Self Leadership Lifeskills that develop growth and innovation

There are three self leadership life skills that develop growth and innovation in leaders.  These skills enhance personal effectiveness thus produce the potential of propelling one’s career or organization to unimaginable heights especially if they are engraved in a leader or employee’s lifestyle.

The first one is Behavior Focused strategy skills which occur when an individual aims at being independent, working well without much supervision, is creative and has a high sense of achievement.  Such an individual is able to set goals for himself, self-observe, self-evaluate; self reinforce as well as engage in constructive self criticisms.

Secondly is the Thought Pattern strategy skills where certain intrinsic expectations motivate an individual to trust oneself and change their thought patterns the same way someone is able to change their habits through learning.  This has a cognitive effect thus enabling one to transform oneself into a positive active person.

Thirdly is the Natural Reward strategy skill which involves re-designing of tasks and work environmental conditions.  Natural reward strategies helps individuals shape perceptions and build enjoyable aspects into activities.  This results in a sense of self control, competence, sense of purpose and meaning.  Work efficiency is thus greatly improved as well as creativity and innovation.

Are there benefits to acquiring self leadership lifeskills?

Certainly, one benefit is that while pursuing self leadership life skills, an individual gains better insight into their self identity, talents and gifting, where one is as an individual, where one wants to go and how they will get there.

Another benefit is that they acquire personal drive and commitment to forge forward against all odds.  They remain dedicated to the course despite the difficult circumstances surrounding them.

They also don’t believe in lady luck but put comprehensible plans in place to achieve what they desire by clearly identifying what they need to do and set target deadlines of by when they need to have done it.

They do not wait for everything to be just right before taking a step forward but rather take action and refine activities and strategies later as they move on along the way.

They use their time wisely with the knowledge that time is a resource that once lost is not recoverable.  With this in mind they get to do much more within the time available, incorporating others to do the same.  This makes them effective and focused on what they do best.

How can one enhance their self leadership lifeskills for successful growth and innovation?

  • Have a sincere personal reflection on yourself and seek to find out what traits you exhibit that hinder or enable your progress. How can you make the best use of them or make improvements.
  • Keenly obtain feedback from people around you on how your actions and behavior affects them. Do your actions have a negative or positive impact on them?  If this is an attitude hindering your progress, how best can you reverse the trend?
  • Examine how you utilize your time. Do you make the most of your hours, day, week or month?  How do you plan your day, week or month?  If time is not being well utilized how can you improve on your Time Management?
  • Having reflected and learned from what life is revealing to you and obtaining feedback, live a day at a time. Remember Rome was not built in a day.  It usually takes time for things to work out and materialize as desired.
  • Do not dwell too much in past reflections neither should you dream too much ahead into the future. Make the best of your present situation with the knowledge that weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning!  Cheer up!  The future is bright and it will surely show up…at the right time.

As stated by Manz & Sims (1989), Individuals characterized as self-leaders direct their own efforts, persist in situations of adversity, personally motivate themselves and continually renew thinking patterns.

By using self leadership life skills in your daily routine you are bound to experience both growth and innovation of the highest level ever imaginable.  Those of you who are employees in established organizations, as self leaders, ought to assume the role of business owner with entrepreneurship spirit for growth and innovation to thrive.

How good are your leadership skills?  Take a Self Leadership Skills Test and propel your future to success in growth and innovation!


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