Did You Know The Power of Attraction or Falling in Love?

Did You Know The Power of Attraction-Falling in Love

Do You Know The Power of Attraction or Falling in Love?

By D Nyambu

Did you know that the power of attraction or falling in love, as is commonly known, is responsible for the multiplication of the human race?  If there was no falling in love the human race would probably be extinct!  Imagine that!

They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, a term that would make a lot of sense if you sat somewhere for half an hour watching couples walk by and you constantly asked yourself, what in the world did this beautiful girl see in this not so handsome guy?  ‘Not so handsome guy’ in your own eyes, is in the girl’s eyes the most handsome man she has ever seen in her whole life!  So what causes the power of attraction or falling in love?    What is the mystic behind it?

Like poles repel and unlike poles attract, so the saying goes.  Research shows that the power of attraction is most likely to occur where couples have certain completely different characteristics or traits.  In fact, some say the attraction occurs mainly due to a person admiring some traits he sees in a lady which in the real sense are his own weaknesses!  Interesting!  Hence, in admiring these traits, he feels drawn towards the lady and begins to chat with her…this is the power of attraction!

Another school of thought says that a person is attracted to another with whom they share a level of attractiveness.  What does this mean exactly?  For instance, if a couple differ in physical attractiveness, the other person’s socially desirable qualities will compensate for this.  This then goes without saying; when a couple is too similar or extremely different, they may not last long!  For there to be a Long Lasting Relationship, there must be some stuff that the two of you can learn from one another.  Learn from each other, folks!

Does the Power of Attraction or Falling in Love Make you Blind?

Not literally, but yes, couples tend to overlook certain traits they see in each other when ‘in love’.  It has been scientifically proven that social judgment

may be suppressed due to less blood rushing into the brain region behind the forehead called the prefrontal cortex.  The prefrontal cortex is the thinking and decision making part of the brain and may be deactivated when in love, hence the popular saying ‘love is blind!’

Someone may ask, so what used to happen in the case of arranged marriages? There was no falling in love there…you met the guy on your wedding day!  Well, there is a saying that goes ‘couples who gaze into each others’ eyes for 3 minutes synchronize their heart beats’…does that sound like falling in love?  Maybe!  Besides, romantic love lasts just over a year, one cannot stay in romantic bliss forever!  When romantic love wanes away, it is replaced by a more stable love, the attachment or commitment love.  This is the kind of love that tolerates, is patient and overlooks the other person’s Mistakes in a more mature way.

Well, no doubt about it, the power of attraction or falling in love does make the world go round.  It is certainly responsible for the continuity of the human race ensuring that the earth is well populated!   All said and done, love is all that really matters to live a long life of fulfillment and happiness.



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