Why 2016 Should Be the Best Year in Your Life

Why 2016 Should Be the Best Year in Your Life

Indeed, why should 2016 be the best year of your life? For some reason, there is a lot of high expectation about 2016. Everybody I know says ‘this is the year that is going to be like no other year!’ Agreed, there is some truth in that statement. 2016 can never resemble any other year…it is simply different! For one, it is a leap year. And for another, it has a 6 at the tail end of its four figure composition. It is a year like no other…

So why should 2016 be the best year of your life? Is it because it is a leap year? Certainly not! This year is going to be different from any other year you have ever seen in your life before, because YOU are going to make it different. How you may ask? By simply determining to make it different! Here is how I can assist you a tiny bit to make 2016 different…

In order for this year to be different, you may want to consider the following;

Forgetting the Past

This is a new year…expect new things… Life generally has a way of renewing itself. We see this in our everyday life. There is nothing as energizing as a bright new morning after a dark and tiresome evening. Starting a new week, a new month is just as refreshing! Twelve months of this continuous routine and voila! A brand new year! A new year also brings with it some fresh enthusiasm, a chance to start again. Hence forgetting the bitter moments of last year could give you a head start to a successful year….who knows?

Determine to release from your heart those who have hurt you in the past. Resolve issues that you are able to resolve amicably and let go of those that, much as you try, the other party is not willing to patch up the issue. Do not let resentment build up for too long in relationships in your life. Be they in family, business or in friendship. Let it go…. Remember, no one makes substantial progress while moving forward if he keeps looking behind. Looking behind at the negative past will only slow you down. Release it! Move on and get ahead!

Set Goals

Secondly, set goals.  Have a dream for this year. Where do you see yourself by 31st December 2016? Seting Goals motivates you to strive to attain that dream, that vision of your status by 31st December 2016. We all aspire to achieve one thing or another at some time in our lifetime. What is it that you want? An increase in your income? A career advancement? A change of job? Save some Money? Improved marital status? Better relationship with your parents, siblings, spouse or children? Completion of a certain project that is halfway done? Whatever it is should be so desperately desired that you are willing to make certain sacrifices in order to achieve that dream. They could be more than one, so, write them down in order of priority. Remember to give them a time frame; this gives them a sense of urgency. They should also be SMART goals.


Thirdly, plan how you intend to achieve these goals. What steps will you take in order to get where you want to be on 31st December 2016? For instance, let’s say your goal is to improve your income from a five figure to a six figure, what will you do? Ask your Manager for a pay rise? Look for another job? Start a side after work business?

And how will you go about negotiating for a pay rise with your Manager? Have you been performing well? Have your sales figures increased? If not, what steps can you take to improve them? How long will it take you to improve on them such that a substantial percentage can be visible enough for your boss to say ‘yes’ to your proposal? Planning is a way of outlining the steps you wish to take towards achieving your goals in life. This calls for careful thought as you plan. Assign a time limit and set target dates to each milestone that you hope to achieve.

As you plan, think through possible challenges that could come your way to deter you from achieving your goal. Consider how you will go about mitigating these problems and write them down.

Don’t Procrastinate

Act now! It is not enough to dream and write down steps towards achieving your goals if you just place them neatly behind the shelf! You need to follow your plans though! Take one step at a time, even if it means making mere preparations by following your written down plan. Procrastination is an enemy of progress. Do not give your enemy any room to cast your plans down. Take courage and start acting now!

Review and Evaluate

Lastly, review and evaluate your goals regularly to see the progress you are making. This may be done daily, weekly or monthly. Reviewing them gives you a chance to see what is working and what is not. You could then make amendments early enough before things get out of hand. It is also a daily reminder of where you are headed. While evaluating, ask yourself, ‘Why am I not making progress?’ ‘What is hindering my movement forward?’ ‘How can I do it differently yet achieve the original results intended?’ Further research and consultations can be made in order to make informed decisions and appropriate adjustments.

Remember, life has a way of renewing itself hence do not be afraid to start all over again if need be. Don’t fear failure….every once in a while people fall sometime in their lifetime. They don’t stay down! Pick yourself up, try again and again. Learn from your mistakes. After all, there’s a whole brand new year right ahead of you! Every new day, week or month is just another chance for you to start all over again. But ultimately, success for your life in 2016 really depends on you…

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